Iskander: me gustas tú

Me gustas tú

Me gustas tú
I like you I like
you Solo tú y nadie más
only you and nobody else
Me gusta como caminas,
I like how you walk
aunque pareces flotar
although you seem to float
Me gustas tú
I like you
y me quiero acercar
and I want to be close to you
solo espero el momento, solo una señal
I am just waiting for the right moment, just a sign
No se si tenga el valor o las palabras
I don't know if I have the courage or the right words
para que sepas lo que yo siento por ti
to let you know what I feel for you
Me gustaría darte el cielo
I´d like to give you the sky
Me gustaría darte el mar
I´d like give you the sea
iluminar con las estrellas
the stars light up
tu silueta al caminar
your silhouette when you walk
Me gustaria darte el beso
I´d like to give you the kiss
que yo he guardado para ti
that I have saved for you
Me gustaria darte todo
I´d like to give you everything
Y si no existe...
and if it does not exist
Inventarlo solo para ti
I will make it up just for you
Me gustas tú
I like you
No lo puedo evitar
I can't avoid it
me gusta verte de lejos
I like to watch you from a distance
me gusta verte llegar
I like to see you arrive
me gustas tú
I like you
en mis sueños estás
you are in my dreams
te metiste en mi vida
you involved yourself in my life
no lo quise evitar
and I didnt want to avoid it
repeat (1) y (2)
Y yo siempre imaginándome a tu lado
And I always imagine I am by your side
queriendo ser el dueño de tu amor
wanting to be the owner of your love